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about teachmecoding

In the urge to do something new and exciting, I decided in 2018 to challenge myself learn how to code, and decided to do that via game development. 
I quickly found out that I wanted to look into Unity and C# as a place to start with next to no knowledge on how to code and even less knowledge on how to make games.

I work as an IT Consultant where I've  been using Powershell a lot for scripting which has given me a basic understanding of coding concepts and logic.

Shortly after starting my first Unity project I opened an Instagram account (@teachmecoding) to keep me motivated to continue and struggle through learning.

When I started to work on my first game (Boxie) I quickly understood that there is so much more to game development than only the coding part and I got really intrigued in all the different aspects (making sprites, animations, game design, game math, game assets, art and so much more) I decided I really want to learn about that as well to be an all over better game developer.

So far I've experienced a great community with nice people that want to help each other, share experiences, help with ideas and give constructive critique to help you make the best game you can make.

I started out learning C# via a course at Sololearn.com which I really would recommend if you want to get into learning a programming or web development language.

If you want to get in touch, go to the contact site

​- Lars ​

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