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Boxie is my first game.
In April 2018 I decided to look into C# coding and quickly figured out I wanted to make a game along the way.

When I started looking into Unity and C# I knew I should start small and build my way up from there. No fancy graphics, don't care about how nice my coding is, just make the necessary steps to make an actual game with a character which moves the way I told it to, picking up spinning coins which  I rememver from the old games I played when I was young, and  of course actually learn something while doing it.

It took quite some time to make this simple game, but I'm happy with what it turned into and all the topics I touched upon while developing Boxie, it opened my eyes for the world of game development.

Platform: Windows and Web
Engine: Unity
Genre: Platformer
​Released: 23.09.2018

Resources used:
Music by: incompetech.com
Sound Effects: freesound.org
Particle Effects: _videogamedeveloper_

Tools used
- Unity
- Visual Studio Code
- Pyxel Edit
- Krita
- Google Docs
- Trello