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Counter Fall (Unfinished)


Counter Fall is a mobile game designed to make you struggle, but addictive.

The game is basically a "keepy uppy" challenge where the object you are handling is not allowed to touch the floor ( 'the floor is lava' kinda rules ).

There are two modes, Obstacle Course and Collect Area:


Obstacle Course:

This is where the greatest challenge lies, get passed the levels to gain fame, fortune and fun surprises!

Collect Area:

This is where you go to collect coins and diamonds which you can use to buy stuff in the 'in-game' shop.


Pro tip: Try to collect as long as possible and don't die, if you die three times, you loose all your collected coins!

This was my second project, a mobile game.

I thought my first project took too long of a time for me to finish to be that early in learning about game development, so I figured that I wanted to do something more simple. A simple, clear and fun plan to make a small game which didn't need much else than the core mechanics. 

The game is currently not in development, but I plan to go back to this project and continue where I left it, I promise!

Platform: iOS & Android
Engine: Unity3D
​Released: ...